365 Project – February

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Wow, I can’t believe February is done already, incredible how fast this year is going already.

Time for a recap of February’s photos!  Featuring a lot this month is our family’s new kitten, Gandalf.  So be expecting a lot of cute kitten pics from day 43 onwards.

Time for some of my faves from the past month.  Again, if you want to check out the entire month you can find them on my personal instagram and follow me to keep up to date with my project!.

Day 40. Work in Progress. Working on a painting for an upcoming exhibition
Day 54. Honoring Reza Berati. For more information on Light the Dark check out Light the Dark
Day 37. More Kitty
Day 59. Gandalf and June meeting for the first time.
Day 46. Cheeky Umbreon

Day 40. Work in progress
Day 54. Honoring Reza Berati #lightthedark

Day 37. More Kitty (Featuring Hagnk)
Gandalf and June meeting for the first time
Day 46. Cheeky Umbreon.


1 month down 365 project

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I can’t believe we’re already through January, time really does fly.

Now that we are into February, I decided it was time to do a recap of the January Photos.  Nothing hugely spectacular, juts snippets into my daily life.

If you want to see the full collection please check out my personal instagram jodez4 with the #iggpcc365

Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order…


Riding their "Yoshi's"


Water Fun!


Procrastinating Housework, Again.


Stay tuned for the February round up.

Hello Advanced Diploma!

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So begins the brain storming for my 2014 Adv. Dip projects… I’m looking at things I love to photograph, which mostly consists of nature, since I’m more inclined to photograph things I already enjoy. I also want to try something a little different and throw some abstract into the mix.

Ideas so far…

  • urban landscapes
  • urban abstracts
  • natural landscapes
  • natural abstracts
  • animal portraits (both wild and domestic?)
  • photo ‘comic’ strip – inspired by A Softer World
  • people abstracts – ie: not portraits, more macro photography of peoples features and body parts

My year is looking to be very busy and I can’t wait!

52 project… no more

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I have been really feeling like I’m not getting any where with this… 4.5 weeks of the year already over and I’m not even finished with editing weeks 1 and 2 yet… I’m not sure if it’s been my choices of subject matter, or the busy summer break that has me feeling uninspired, but I am just not feeling it.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to stop with the 52 project.  But don’t despair! I had word during the week that my course for this year will go ahead!
Starting March 11 I will once again be a student!  I’m very excited to be taking the next step in my educational journey, after many years of putting it aside it feels great to be working on improving myself again.

Week 1 & 2 update

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Project 52 weeks 1 and 2 are photographed. Unfortunately the heat and my computer are at odds this week, so editing is taking a little longer than I’d like. They are coming, I haven’t forgotten.

Here’s a shot from each of the weeks to satisfy your visual needs


Week 1 – Interior of a car

Letter B

Week 2 – The letter B


















The weather forecast is showing we should have a drop in temperature in a few days, that should mean my computer will again be operating as it should, fingers crossed!

I may also have a sneak peek for week 3.

Lesson learned.

•January 14, 2014 • 2 Comments

In my wisdom, I didn’t think about my themes as far as the weather is concerned…
The interior of a car during Summer in 40C+ (104F+) temperatures is not a good idea!

Now that I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll be looking through my list and making any weather related adjustments as deemed necessary… In the mean time I’ll finish off my letter B inside, in the air conditioning, and test my low light photographic skills in the car when it’s cooler.

Stay tuned!

365 project

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Just a quick update…

I’ve begun posting the IGGPPC 365 project on instagram… Though my first few posts went to my personal instagram instead of my JLK_Photo_Art one.

They can be found here with the hastag #iggppc365